Recordings - Complete CDs

Canzonas Americanas, Alarm Will Sound, chamber orchestra works of Derek Bermel – Canteloupe

A/Rhythmia, Alarm Will Sound (fulllength CD, music of Birtwistle, Autechre, Gyorgy Ligeti, The Shaggs, Mochipet and Ciconia, Nonesuch Records 2008

Elliott Carter, Double Concerto; Harold Meltzer, Virginal; Thea Musgrave, Lamenting with Ariadne, David Rakowski, Locking Horns – Albany Records 2007

Eve Beglarian, Tell the Birds - Flaming O New World Records 2006

Acoustica, Alarm Will Sound (chamber orchestra), acoustic arrangements of electronica by Richard James/Aphex Twin – Cantaloupe 2005 (named by the New York Times as one of the “most notable CDs of the year” 2005)

Lewis Spratlan, Concertino, Time and the Seasons, Where Crows Gather, Zoom (Named as top five of all recordings in 2005 by NY Times Chief Critic, Anthony Tommasini) – Albany Records

Before the Law, Raz Mesinai (a virtual opera based on the short stories of Franz Kafka, improvisation, oboe and english horn) – Tzadik 2001

Sinfoniamusic of Johann Sebastian Bach; Joan Lippincott, organ soloist; instrumental ensemble – Gothic 2001

Broken ConsortCygnus Ensemble, music of Wuorinen, Currier, Halle, Pollock, Lang, Braxton, Biscardi and Anderson – CRI 2000

Turfan Fragments, music of Morton Feldman, (Turfan Fragments and For Samuel Beckett), SEM Ensemble Orchestra – Dog W/A Bone 2001

Kraanerg, Iannis Xenakis, ST-X Ensemble with D. J. Spooky – Asphodel/Sombient 1997


Charles Wuorinen, Big Spinoff for chamber orchestra (2010), dedicated to Leclair (consortium commission led by MidAmerican Center for Contemporary Music)

Samuel Adler, Canto XIX for solo oboe (2009), dedicated to Leclair (not a commission, but a surprise gift from Adler)

Bill Douglas, Quartet for flute, oboe, bassoon and piano (consortium commission 2009)

Payton MacDonald Nhandu Chromatus for oboe, bassoon and piano (commissioned by Leclair and Michael Parker-Harley 2008)

Charles Wuorinen Iridule for oboe solo and small ensemble (2006) dedicated to Leclair (commissioned by Leclair and New Millennium Ensemble)

Nicholas DeMaison Aspect V for oboe solo (dedicated to Leclair 2005)

Steven Hoey M/ode/s for solo oboe (dedicated to Leclair 2005)

Jason Rosenberg, Lift-Up-Over-Sounding for solo oboe (dedicated to Leclair 2005)

Rick Snow Middle Distances for solo oboe (dedicated to Leclair 2005)

Augusta Read Thomas Final Soliloquy of the Interior Paramour for small ensemble, mezzo-soprano and countertenor (dedicated to Alarm Will Sound 2005)

Bernard Rands, Memo 8 for oboe alone (Organizer of consortium commission including 104 oboists, all alumni of the Eastman School of Music and Professor Richard Killmer. The commission was a 9-month project to find, contact and finalize arrangements with all the oboists. The purpose of which was to honor Professor Killmer to whom the piece is dedicated. 2001)

Rolv Yttrehus Plectrum Spectrum (dedicated to Cygnus Ensemble 2001)

Inouk Demers Djenoun for oboe and guitar (dedicated to Leclair and the Cygnus Ensemble 2002)

David Claman Gone For Foreign for flute, oboe, violin, cello and two guitars (Leclair wrote the Meet the Composer Grant that enabled Cygnus Ensemble to commission this piece. 1999)

Marc Mellits, Parking Violation for oboe alone (dedicated to Leclair, 1999)

Erik Ulman Empire of Flora for flute, oboe, violin, cello and two guitars (dedicated to Leclair and the Cygnus Ensemble 1999)

Robert Martin Charred Beloved (dedicated to Cygnus Ensemble 1998)

Anthony Braxton Composition 189 (commissioned by Cygnus Ensemble 1996)

Sebastian Currier Broken Consort (commissioned by and dedicated to Cygnus Ensemble 1996) 

John Halle Spooks for sextet (commissioned by and dedicated to Cygnus Ensemble 1996)

Bradley Lubman Berylium Sandal Web (commissioned by Cygnus Ensemble 1996)

Robert Pollock Cygnature Piece (commissioned by and dedicated to Cygnus Ensemble 1996)

Sean Varah Cygnificant Other (commissioned by and dedicated to Cygnus Ensemble 1996)

Robert Morris Three Musicians (for english horn, horn and double bass/2000 version for english horn, bass clarinet and cello 1987)

Nami Cho, Me-a-Ri for flute, oboe, violin, cello and percussion (dedicated to Leclair 1987)



Recordings - Individual Works

Arthur Levering, Parallel Universe -Furies (11 players), Sequitur – New World Records, 2014

Chick Corea, The Continents (Chick Corea’s Quintet and chamber orchestra), Chick Corea, piano; Tim Garland, reeds; Hans Glawischnig, bass; Marcus Gilmore, drums; chamber orchestra – Deutsche Grammophon, 2012

Iannis Xenakis, Dmaathen (for oboe and percussion soloists), Ellery Trafford, percussion, self-released digitally 2011

Helmut Lachenmann, …Zwei Gefühle – Musik mit Leonardo…, Ensemble Signal, Mode 252, 2012

Gregory Mertl, À l’écoute (2005, rev. 2009) for 2 oboes and harpsichord, online publication, 2010

Eric Moe, Tristan (chamber orchestra), Sequitur, Koch, 2010

Martin Matalon, Trame I (Oboe Concertino, Leclair as soloist), Sequitur – Albany Records, 2010

Charles Wuorinen, The Long Boat (Mezzo-soprano and English horn) – Vocal Works – Albany Records, 2007

Iannis Xenakis, Dmaathen for oboe and percussion soloists, with Steven Schick in his collection Xenakis Percussion Works – Mode 2006

Mode Records Catalog No. 171-173

Luciano Berio, Sequenza VIIa – Mode 4-CD collection of all the Sequenzas and other solo works - 2006 (collection named by the New York Times as one of the “most notable CDs of the year”)

Mode Records Catalog No. 161-163

Steve Reich, Reich at the RoxyAlarm Will Sound Performs Steve Reich Live in New York, (Three Genesis Settings from The Cave) - Sweetspot DVD and CD 2005

Allen Shawn, Wind Quintet #2 – Albany Records 2005

Lewis SpratlanConcertino, Sequitur, - Albany Records 2005

Lewis Spratlan, Zoom, Sequitur, - Albany Records 2005

Randall Woolf, Women at an Exhibition for chamber orchestra, electronics and video – CRI DVD, Image Recordings 2005

Beata Moon, Wind Quintet – BiBimBop Records 2004

Elliott Carter Double Concerto Sequitur - Albany Records 2003

Harold Meltzer Virginal Sequitur - Albany Records 2003

Robert Morris, Three Musicians (English horn, Bass clarinet and Cello) – Neuma 2003

David Rakowski Locking HornsSequitur - Albany Records 2003

Eric Qin, Music in Grey (chamber) – Tzadik 2002

Eric Moe, Sonnets to Orpheus and Siren Songs, Sequitur – Koch 2001

Jonathan Dawe, Under the Tafelmusik (violin, oboe and guitar) – Furious Artisans 2000

David Felder, A Pressure Triggering Dreams..., orchestra, Slee Sinfonietta – Mode 2000

Mode Records Catalog No. 89

Morton Feldman, Instruments I (oboe and English horn), New Millennium Ensemble – Koch 2000

Mel Graves, His Tone of Voice, (chamber music) Thomas Buckner, baritone – Lovely Music 2000

Charles Jones, The Seasons, (chamber orchestra) – CRI 1999

Jerome Kitzke, The Big Gesture (oboe, bass clarinet, percussion) – Koch 1999

Randall Woolf, Shakedown (chamber orchestra) - CRI 1998

Iannis Xenakis, EpicyclesST-X Ensemble – Vandenburg 1997

Iannis Xenakis, KuilennST-X Ensemble – Vandenburg 1997

Iannis Xenakis, PalimpsestST-X Ensemble – Vandenburg 1997

Iannis Xenakis, Phlegra, ST-X Ensemble – Vandenburg 1997

Iannis Xenakis, ThalleinST-X Ensemble – Vandenburg 1997

Iannis Xenakis, WaargST-X Ensemble – Vandenburg 1997

Iannis Xenakis, AkrataST-X Ensemble – Mode 1996

Mode Records Catalog No. 56

Iannis Xenakis, EchangeST-X Ensemble – Mode 1996

Mode Records Catalog No. 56

Steve Reich, City Life, Steve Reich Ensemble – Nonesuch 1996 (Grammy nominated)

Roger Reynolds, Summer Island (oboe and computer-generated tape) – Neuma 1996

Joseph Carter, In the Now, Vanguard Chamber Players – Velvet Swan Music, 2000