Alarm Will Sound performs the music of Caleb Burhans, Le Poisson Rouge, 23 February 2010: check out from 3:30 on, particularly around 4:10 when the music is slow and you can focus on Caleb Burhans gorgeous hand and arm movements — talk about unity of sight and sound.

Parking Violation (solo oboe), Marc Mellits (1999)

Benjamin Taylor "Go Now! You MUST Go Now!", commissioned by Dr. Jacqueline Leclair and the Bowling Green State University Graduate Oboe Quartet: This is a video of the premiere on November 21, 2009 that occurred as part of Double Reed Day at BGSU.

Research Alive presents 'A Reedy Obsession: a glimpse into an oboist's workshop' with oboist Jacqueline Leclair. She discusses and demonstrates the intricacies of double reed making for woodwinds. Presented on October 11th at Tanna Schulich Hall in the Elizabeth Wirth building.

performing as guest oboist with the Dorian Wind Quintet Aguascalientes MX 2013.jpg
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quickly changing a reed before a concert in Bremen German to play at 445!!!.jpg
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