student well-being initiative at mcgill university

Dr. Leclair has launched a groundbreaking new program at the Schulich School of Music of McGill University to address acute student stress and anxiety. Starting Sept. 1, 2015, studies in wellness were added to the curriculum and new students required to take part in a peer mentorship program. This initiative is the first of its kind in Canada.

As part of this initiative, Dr. Leclair has worked to create the following opportunities and resources for students at the Schulich School of Music:

  • Partnership with the McGill Sport Medicine Clinic for Music students to get top-priority treatment, including sport massages provided on-site at the Music school facilities

  • Alexander Technique lessons with student rates and subsidized funding

  • Free Feldenkrais classes

  • Created posters around the school with tips for Musician Injury Prevention and Musician Mental Health

  • Created and furnished the Music Student Well-Being Hub in room A-112

  • Provided a small freezer in the A-wing student lounge 24/7 with ice to help students with practice-related injuries when needed

  • Brought in guest artists 2013-2018 for workshop and small-group lessons with the Music Well-Being Fund to help students overcome playing-related injuries and performance anxiety: Christine Carter Performing Optimally Under Pressure, David Leisner Musician Injury Prevention and Recovery, Stephen Caplan Optimal Body Use (Body Mapping), James Brody Musician Well-Being (Alexander Technique), John Austin Musician Injury Prevention and Recovery (Alexander Technique)

  • In 2015, initiated the process with McGill Spaces (Paul Guenther) and the School of Music to review the three Music building’s public spaces and to plan for an extensive project to renovate and improve all three buildings’ facilities, creating comfortable and inviting gathering spaces throughout the School. These plans will gradually start to come fruition in 2019 and 2020, making the Schulich School of Music a more welcoming and comfortable place for the students, staff, faculty, and community

  • Partnered with the McGill Music Graduate Students’ Society (MGSS) to found the Soirées Musicales series that has been running continuously through the Fall and Winter terms since spring 2016. Dr. Leclair funded the events through spring 2018 when the funding was then taken over by MGSS and the McGill Music Undergraduate Society (MUSA).

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